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Flex Dollars
You may establish a Flex Dollar (declining balance) account that may be used in the snack bar and/or dining hall as a matter of discounting and convenience.  These accounts are available to resident or non-resident students, as well as faculty and staff. These accounts will offer the student the convenience of carrying a balance on their ID card and will also provide a 10% bonus. Every Flex Dollar purchased will provide $1.10 in purchasing power to students. Flex Dollars are available in $10 increments.  Student Flex Dollars will carry over year-to-year, so long as the student remains actively enrolled.  

Special Treat Orders
Choose from a birthday cake, fresh baked cookies, a half pound cookie, the survival pack, whole fresh fruit, or a treat of the month. Whether your student is homesick, having a birthday away from home, or just because surprise them with a special treat that sends your love!